Empower Services Group of Minnesota in Maplewood, Minnesota is mainly comprised of consultants and analysts with more than 200 years of combined experience in business development and operational execution. We have built a reputation for providing excellent services and guaranteeing 100% client satisfaction.


Managing Director ESG-MN Inc Group of Companies | Lead Director of ESG-MN Inc
Member of the BOD: KHI Inc

John comes to Empower Services Group of Minnesota (ESG-MN) with 40 years of experience as an Operations and Business Finance Leader with extensive experience driving results for Fortune 100 Industrial Businesses, Consumer Businesses, Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations, Merger and Acquisition (M&A) initiatives, and Large-scale Government Procurement Programs. John is experienced in building and leading teams, designing organizations and leading through transition and change. His core competencies include Operations Management, Business Financial Management, Treasury Cash Management, Capital Planning, Strategic Planning, Operations Budget Development, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Implementation, M&A Integration Management, Program and Project Management, Supply Chain Digitization and Advanced Analytics, Mentoring and Coaching.

John is a committed business partner with a history of delivering tangible value realization for global business operations. Process and margin improvements are achieved through incremental actions as well as transformational initiatives designed to change the competitive landscape. John operates with a collaborative style and is an excellent communicator who can explain complex information in easy-to-understand language.

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Co-Principal Investor
Member of the BOD: ESG-MN | KHI Inc | KHT LLC | Serendip Ventures International

Stacie is an owner and a past employee at 3M Company with 25 years and is the Strategic Business Advisor to ESG-MN group of companies providing strategy and operational excellence guidance with an emphasis to minority relevance, in addition to being the Vice President Business Controller of Empower Services Group of Minnesota (ESG-MN).

In addition to Stacie’s entrepreneurial experience, she also has over 25 years of seasoned work-life experience at 3M Company skilled in business systems architecture in information technology, information science and ERP back-office systems related to data systems and data science.  While being a professional coach, Stacie is an avid partitioner of continuous process improvement methodologies, change management, analytics, customer-focused creation and critical-path problem solving.

Stacie holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in Business Administration Management and BA in Information Technology Management from Concordia University-St. Paul.  She also has achieved several professional certifications including being a certified Lean Six Sigma Coach for MBBs, BBs and other Belt categories and is on the University of North Dakota Advisory Board for Executive Women in Leadership.  Stacie continues to serve on the Board of Directors for ESG-MN, Karing Hent Inc. (KHI), Karing Hent Transitions (KHT LLC) and Serendip Ventures International.

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Co-Owner - President and Chief Operating Officer of KHI Inc
Member of the BOD: ESG-MN Inc | KHI Inc

Ashley started her journey with Karing Hent Inc (KHI) (dba BrightStar Care) in Human Resources. Her passion about hiring the right people allowed her to learn more about the needs in the Home Care industry and becoming a respected leader in the company.

Becoming part-owner and Branch Manager was the next step in helping more people in the Twin Cities’ Communities. With her expanded role in KHI, she also became a part of the Empower Services Group of Minnesota (ESG-MN) journey in our collective passion in caring for people. Ashley is passionate about people and loves the Living Room Visits and hearing the stories of our valued customers. In Ashley’s words, “It is so empowering and gratifying to see and hear how we are making their lives more comfortable and easier.”

Ashley graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in 2011 with a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources Management and BA in Spanish. She started her professional career in Human Resources for a 1200-employee clinic and hospital in Monroe, Wisconsin where she worked for over 3 years before going back to help expand the family business. Ashley had the positions of General Manager and Human Resources Representative for two hometown grocery stores in Southern Wisconsin.

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Chief People Officer and Director of Operations of KHI Inc
Member of the BOD: KHI Inc

Taylor’s journey in healthcare began with a commitment to enhancing financial processes within the industry. Over the years, she has transitioned through various roles from medical record management to ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Currently serving as the Director of Operations at Karing Hent Inc (KHI) (dba BrightStar Care), Taylor plays a crucial role in driving KHI’s mission to provide top-notch healthcare services to the Minnesota community. Her leadership is marked by a proven track record of generating revenue and implementing process improvements that elevate operational efficiency.

Taylor’s multifaceted perspective is rooted in her diverse background and hands-on experience across different aspects of healthcare management. Her passion for facilitating quality healthcare for the community has consistently guided her efforts, making her an asset to Empower Services Group of Minnesota (ESG-MN) team.

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Chief Clinical Officer of KHI Inc Care Systems
Member of the BOD: KHI Inc

Debra comes to Empower Services Group of Minnesota (ESG-MN) with over 20 years of experience working with the Geriatric population in the field of Health Care. Debra began her journey with Karing Hent Inc (KHI) (dba BrightStar Care) 5 years ago. Since starting with the company, the Home Care client population has increased by 400%. Debra currently serves as the Chief Clinical Officer of Karing Hent Care Systems and Member of the Board of Directors of KHI Inc. Debra’s passion for customer and staff satisfaction has driven the company’s mission to become one of the most sought-after home care agencies in the Twin Cities. Under her leadership and throughout her 5-year employment with KHI, her team has now grown to over 150 nurses within Home Care, Infusion and Staffing services. In addition, she works closely with KHI’s Director of Therapies to assist in the growth of this team with compassion and dedication to serve the community. Debra’s involvement with performance improvement and quality assurance has also greatly contributed to the high standards of care KHI strives toward.

Debra graduated from St. Catherine University with a BS degree in Nursing and is a supporter of all new and existing clinical staff encouraging growth within their roles. Debra continues her involvement with developing relationships with Rasmussen College where she mentors new graduates and is always finding innovative ways to involve herself and KHI within the community.

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Suzanne Austin

Co-Owner - Chief Executive Officer of KHT LLC

Suzanne is highly creative and results-driven with a solid foundation in finance and administration with an enthusiastic, entrepreneurial spirit. Suzanne drives her mission and vision with expertise in franchise, non-profit and healthcare industries. With a strong business acumen, Suzanne has a proven track record in generating revenue and increasing support bases for expanding non-profit and for-profit organizations on a national level. She is adept at streamlining workflow processes, improving overall productivity, exceptionally organized and professionally adaptable. Known by her colleagues as an influential agent for positive change who leads with confidence and grace even in the most challenging situations. Suzanne’s perseverance and commitment to success is unwavering.

Suzanne has a BA in History from the University of Maryland and a MBA in Finance from St Mary’s University

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Serving Cottage Grove, Eagan, Bloomington, Edina, Plymouth, Wayzata, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park and Blaine

Theodore (Ted) Austin

Co-Owner - Chief Executive Officer KHM Ltd
Co-Owner - Chief Operating Officer of KHT LLC

Ted has thirty years of sales experience spanning business-to-consumer, business-to-channel, business-to-business and clinician-to-patient. Ted defines “customer service” as “creating an iconic experience with his clients so that they become clients for life… relationships are key”. Ted has a charismatic personality that is authentic and easy to work with while being a quick-witted problem solver who finds uncomfortable situations to be comfortable.

Ted is passionate about helping people and embraces community service with his strong faith upbringing. Ted ascends form Korean and African American heritage. He holds a BA in Business Administration and is also a Certified Relocation and Transitions Specialist, has a CDA (non-practicing) and a DANB Certification in Radiology.

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Serving Cottage Grove, Eagan, Bloomington, Edina, Plymouth, Wayzata, Maple Grove, Brooklyn Park and Blaine


Managing Director Serendip Ventures International
Strategic Business Partner of SVI-Franchising

Mike is a seasoned leader with management and operational experience in a variety of industries, including more than 50 years internationally and nationally with several private contracts in Advertising, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Biotech, Career firms and more.

Mike is a business builder through operational and executive management, account relationships with operations experience possessing unique abilities to grow revenue, connect with clients, enhance relationships and create value for partners, vendors, and employees. His core strengths include building new business, delivering outstanding service, superior communication, detailed product knowledge, innovative problem-solving, turn-around business management and hands-on leadership.

Mike joined Serendip Ventures International (SVI) as Managing Director. SVI is a business brokerage firm empowering a wide range of services to small business entrepreneurs and those with a transformational agenda to enhance career objectives or own their own business. While SVI will be initially franchise focused, it will look to other international and national opportunities that can be duplicated as a part of the broad vision of Empower Services Group of Minnesota (ESG-MN) and its subsidiaries.

Mike is an enthusiast, champion and respected business and career advocate that looks for synergies in every opportunity to get to a win-win outcome for all sides of transactions. In his words, “the only way a deal should be done”.

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Business Analyst
Member of the BOD: KHI Inc

Ryan is passionate about the healthcare sector and growing his entrepreneurship skillset with Empower Services Group of Minnesota (ESG-MN). This passion and mindset led him to develop his early education in Kinesiology. Ryan obtained a BS degree from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in Kinesiology with a minor in business administration.

Eager to take on new challenges, Ryan moved to Florida and started his career in Unclaimed Property Recovery as a Consultant. After building experience in client-facing roles, project management and financial analytics in the Unclaimed Property Recovery space, he realigned with his roots and dove back into his love for the Healthcare sector and joined Karing Hent Inc (KHI) as a member of the Board of Directors. In addition, Ryan is now working at OneStudyTeam as a Trial Success Associate helping Pharmaceutical Sponsors capture patient recruitment and enrollment insights to conduct more formularized trials. Ryan works on the Customer Success team as the liaison between the application and its users, aiding Pharmaceutical Sponsors across project timelines. Ryan strongly believes in the vision of ESG-MN and being part of the integral process of growing the vision of ESG-MN.

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Business Development (AscendMTL) - Education Systems and Strategy
Member of the BOD: ESG-MN Inc

Dylan is hard working and ambitious having graduated from the University of Minnesota–Carlson School of Management with a BS in Business with concentration in Finance and Accounting. He is an enthusiastic, passionate individual with fresh ideas and eager to practice and share his business development knowledge and financial analysis skills. Over the last year, Dylan worked in mortgage banking at Wells Fargo and has developed great experience in the consumer lending field.

Dylan currently works in Commercial Real Estate as a Portfolio Analyst for a top commercial real estate firm. He is developing his ability to assess risk at a portfolio level as well as provide calculated investment decisions to his investors.

Dylan’s motivation to make a large impact on society through financial analysis and advisory is one of many virtues of his that makes him a great asset to the Empower Services Group of Minnesota (ESG-MN).

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Technology and Systems Leader ESG-MN Inc Group of Companies

Tim grew up in the Twin Cities and cannot recall ever living without a computer in his room. As the son of “Computer Joe”, he has learned much first and second hand from a young age about managing your device to prevent problems from ever occurring, and how to troubleshoot when they inevitably pop up. His formal education includes a BS in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, when he thought he could escape his fate as a computer guru. Tim joins the talented team at Empower Services Group of Minnesota (ESG-MN) to lend his excitement and round-the-clock dedication to empowering his clients and coworkers with the technology they need to be leaders in the field. Tim currently resides in Atlanta, Georga opening new doors for expansion as he uses technology and connections to service our team remotely.

Tim is a lifelong servant to his communities. He attained the rank of Eagle Scout at age 17 with Local Troop 183 and has volunteered in Minnesota for the State Fair and Habitat for Humanity. Since moving to Atlanta, he has also worked with Habitat there as well as local organizations such as Trees Atlanta, Frazier Center and Concrete Jungle. Tim also loves time outdoors, camping, marathon running, hiking and ice skating when he can.

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